Writing a keyword outline

He then re-writes each sentence in his own words, using only the Key Word Outline as a guide.

The Little Writing Tool With Big Impact

The student writes down the key words for each sentence on a separate piece of paper, and then puts away the original paragraph. Understanding and being able to articulate the main idea of a text is a critical skill all students need to become well-educated, capable adults.

Even worse — many students struggle to summarize from sources when they are doing research, without plagiarizing the original source. She earned her Master of Social Work degree from East Carolina University, and has worked in a variety of capacities including group homes, day treatment centers, and public schools with at-risk children and staff, including developing a therapeutic and educational day treatment center for delinquent youth in Wilmington, North Carolina.

This same technique would be done for each sentence in the paragraph, and then for multiple paragraphs in a story or body of text. Sometimes in homeschooling, it just takes the right tool to make the biggest impact.

HomeschoolingWriting Rebecca Capuano Rebecca Capuano is the stay-at-home mom of three children one of whom is in heaven who also makes attempts at being a homeschooler, writer, photographer, scrapbooker, and truth-seeker.

Afterward, the student goes back through his sentences and makes them stronger by using more interesting verbs, adjectives, etc. It can help with all of that. The student might choose the following three words as key words from this sentence although the key words chosen will obviously vary from student to student: In addition to reading her posts at TheHomeSchoolMom, you can follow her search for truth and blunders along the way in family, faith and culture by visiting her blog, seeluminosity.

She currently resides in Virginia, and has written on a variety of topics for both Examiner. Key Word Outlines also offer students a wonderful framework by which to write in their own words, rather than copying the words of others. Writing is often a skill that challenges many students, because even if they have a strong command of grammar, it can be challenging to put words together in a way that is persuasive, interesting, and impactful.

So if you or your child has struggled with writing, try the Key Word Outline. Creativity can flourish when children transition from the crutch of a provided text to being able to express ideas in their own unique ways.

Finally, the Key Word Outline turns writing into a bit of a scavenger hunt!

What Is a Keyword Outline?

Homeschooling should be fun. Rebecca believes that family is created by God as the most fundamental institution in society, and she is dedicated to helping families nurture their children to become responsible persons of character and integrity. This is not only helpful for writing, but for reading comprehension, as well.

Simply understanding source documents can also be daunting for many children, when they are introduced to research writing. Originally posted on November 11, ; Topics: Use this tool as the foundation for writing, and you will open up a world of possibilities for your students.

With Time4Learning, it can be! An online homeschool curriculum can open new doors by creating an interactive learning experience that brings concepts to life.A keyword outline is used when giving a speech or presentation. It includes the main ideas of what is to be communicated in a manner that is much shorter than the actual word-for-word speech.

Mar 05,  · Keyword Outline Video 1 - Duration: Read, Edit, and Write 1, views. Teaching Writing: Structure and Style - Unit 3 Overview and Tips on Teaching -. Transcript of What Is a key word outline? Key Word Outlines How to write a keyword outline Writing a KWO from a paragraph Writing a KWO for a paragraph Writing from a paragraph Making an outline for a paragraph First thing's first, find something to write your KWO from.

This can. The Student Writing Intensive (SWI) was produced to give parents and teachers a jump-start for teaching writing to their students by providing direct instruction for students or model lessons for teachers.

The Key Word Outline has completely transformed writing for our family.

Sometimes in homeschooling, it just takes the right tool to make the biggest impact. The Key Word Outline has completely transformed writing for our family.

The Little Writing Tool With Big Impact. Rebecca Capuano. Sometimes in homeschooling, it just takes the right. A keyword outline is a written aid for more easily memorizing a speech or a presentation. It is made by taking the most important words from a written document and writing them down in the correct order.

Keyword Outline Examples

To create a keyword outline, there must be a written document from which the keywords are taken.

Writing a keyword outline
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