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The default gateway is not an address on this subnet. To make them in the same subnet we need more space for host. Question 2 Your ISP has given you the address To meet your minimum requirement of 8 subnets, and the maximum number of hosts per subnet, this Subnet mask will be correct: You are responsible for creating subnets on the network, and each subnet must provide at least host IDs.

Note that there are two digits remaining in the third octet and eight digits in the fourth octet 00 ; these ten digits can be used to create host IDs. The remaining 20 bits from the total of 32 bits will be 1s.

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Converted to decimal notation, this range is 0. What is preventing the router from pinging Subnetting questions devices? The next largest subnet creates subnets, but each subnet contains only hosts. Replace the straight-through cable with a crossover cable.

Therefore, the first valid subnet ID is Choice d is correct. The two host IDs that are subtracted are the two host IDs that contain all 0s and all 1s; those IDs identify the subnet itself and the broadcast address for all hosts on the subnet, respectively. For example, an address of The IP address is the broadcast address for this subnet.

Change the address of Workstation A to The broadcast mask is formed by using 0s for the subnet bits and 1s for the host bits. Continuing this process, the third subnet ID is What is the broadcast address on subnet 32 given a prefix notation of The default subnet mask for a Class B network address is In a class B address, the first two octets of the address represent the network portion.

Workstation B has been assigned an IP address of Question 1 Workstation A has been assigned an IP address of A Boolean XOR operation compares two bits. The broadcast address is calculated by performing a Boolean XOR operation on subnet 32 and the broadcast mask. The two workstations are connected with a straight-through cable.

To do the complete XOR operation in this item, first write down the sugnet address in binary. A Class B address with a subnet mask of What subnet mask meets the requirement for the minimum number of host IDs and provides the greatest number of subnets?

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This yields in this example. Finally, perform a Boolean XOR operation on all corresponding bits. The IP address is an invalid class D multicast address.

The bits to the right of the network portion of an IP address are the host portion of the address. They have also given you the default gateway address of Jan 16,  · 2 - Subnet mask of is a /28 so interesting octet is 4th and increment size is Network address should be with host range of - and broadcast of is full of free tools designed to help you learn and master subnetting.

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Subnetting Questions

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Here are 4 sections of Subnetting questions covering number of Networks, Hosts, VLSM, and Reverse Engineering Subnets. Good luck. Not for the faint of heart. Here are 4 sections of Subnetting questions covering number of Networks, Hosts, VLSM, and Reverse Engineering Subnets.

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Subnetting questions
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