Reflective essay on human resource management

In our organization today, majority of the compensation and benefit complains arise from the lack of a good compensation and benefits system that is reasonable and applicable to all.

As a hr manager in the future, I will implement hr planning to serve as the basis for the recruitment and selections since it provides the required job descriptions and only the best fit takes up the position. Precisely, it involves what the company needs to survive and how it should be applied.

Society for Human Resource Management Over my previous classes, I have learned a lot about the various aspect that institute the Human Resource Management that include employee and labor relation, compensation and benefit, safety and health, and human resource development.

December 19, Human Resource Management encompasses ways to manage the human skills and talent and ensure that they work to achieve the organizational goals. It is important for them to use technology such as social media during the hiring process.

Reflective Paper on Human Resource Management

It has always been a Reflective essay on human resource management that salaries and benefits make up the critical factors that will attract, motivate and retain employees.

This way, I believe an organization is bound to retain its employees and avoid losing them to competitors. The application of EEO in the organization in future is to specify the age bracket within which the potential employees must fall within instead of frustrating aged persons with unreasonable disqualifications.

First, the means of recruiting employees is cost effective since the company will cut on advertising costs. In fact, human resource management should put in place programs or procedures to ensure that no form of discrimination occurs to a potential employee during job application, selection, interviews, and recruitment.

Some of the detailed critical information collected for job analysis include human behavior, job context, work activities, equipment and performance records. Moreover, I will be ideal if companies conduct campaigns on safety awareness.

According to research most people consider the benefits offered before signing the employment contract. In conclusion, the various critical aspect I learned in my human resource management course could have a great impact on my future profession as a human resource officer.

In future employee recruitment and selection should include the provision of safety and health measures manuals from federal, state and local government as well as those only specific to that company. First, the company should determine its mission, assess the environment, set the objectives and lastly set the strategic plan.

Organizations on the other hand must keep the employee updated on any advances in safety measures as well as ensure that no work is done without the presence of a supervisor or the right and required instruments. They should hire people who have met the requirements for the jobs applied but without discriminating anyone.

Therefore, it forbids discrimination against anyone Society for Human Resource Management, The continuous emergence of outsourcing and growth of the economy will influence human resource managers to handle and manage diversity in a different way.

Labor relations are therefore the relations between labor forces relationship and the management. A good human resource manager must not risk the organization by bleaching these laws as such may result to law suit or criminal action.

On a further note, I will recommend my colleagues to make use of technological change and employ it in the human resource management. Also, companies should use the current successful employees to help them identify the best candidates for their jobs.

This way only the best fit is selected and compensation, development, safety and health measures taken so as to prevent employee poaching due to their expatriate. The human resource planning is the most important role in the department and can be explained as ways an organization can assess and plan for its future.

Affirmative Action was specifically designed to protect and allow minorities, people with disabilities and females to be on the same level with other people Society for Human Resource Management, Human resource planning Before an organization hires any workers planning must be done in order to identify what the future requirements of the organization are, the types of workers needed, their recruitment and selection criteria, retention and needs supply among others.

Employers have benefited a lot from the online recruiting process, and they include the following. They have discarded the old jobs boards and newspaper posts and switched to recruiting employees through the internet.

Similarly, the company can use their social media profile to get feedbacks from potential employees. Therefore, social media will allow both the employer and employee to understand one another.

Therefore, companies choose the highly qualified people for fill the positions advertised. Human Resource Management Reflective Paper First Name Middle Last Name BUS Human Resources Management Farrell Martin Date Human Resource Management Reflective Paper I strongly believe Human Resource Management is the most appropriate name for the position.

Essay History of Human Resource Management. History of Human Resource Management Human resource management is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization's most valued assets - the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the.

Introduction. Human Resource Management (HRM) plays a central role in any organization. This is because it leads to the increased performance of employees in a bid to achieve goals of an organization (Youssef, ). In the last five weeks, I have learned many aspects of a Human Resource management.

In our text, it explains that the human resource manager is the managing of human skills and Talents to make sure they are used properly and in alignment with a. Human Resource Management encompasses ways to manage the human skills and talent and ensure that they work to achieve the organizational goals.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Human resource management plays an integral role in assisting any organization attains its set objectives. HRM can be defined as the rational and strategic move towards management of a firm’s workforce.

Reflective essay on human resource management
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