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When the oceanic plate slides against the underside of the continental plate, it causes earthquakes. Although these hazards are always a possibility, earthquakes themselves are nothing but shaking episodes, it is that of what the shaking could cause that will in turn cause the extensive damages.

Then the magma wants to get out the earth so it finds what they call Weak spots. The rocks on one continent should match closely to the continent that it was adjacent to. Cinder cone volcanoes are mounds that are formed by streaming gases that carry lava blobs and ribbons into the atmosphere to form lava fountains.

This earthquake occurred on a blind thrust fault and produced the strongest round motions ever recorded in an urban setting. If you live in an area that is at high risk for earthquakes you can do some things that can help protect your lives and your home, those precautions that you can take are make sure your home is earthquake resistant, check with your local state to make sure your construction meets earthquake construction requirements.

Overtime, scientists realized that fossils were found in places where they should not be. Then you also have L waves. The other kind of wave is the S wave. The fault lines that run throughout Los Angeles area can lead to all different types and sizes of earthquakes.

Posted by Jolynn Monday, April 4, 7: In the rocks at the top of the Himalaya Mountains, scientists found many fossils. One of these damages would be flooding. There are several examples of fossils that were the same but one classic example is The Mesosaurus.

When plates rupture they build up great pressure and heat. Because of this many of the structures have been designed to with stand severe shaking. The creation of new oceanic crust at mid-ocean ridges is called sea-floor spreading.

Instead, volcanoes are built by the buildup of their own eruptive products. Although they are the slowest moving plates they do the most damage. P rimary waves are waves that travel the fastest. The magma commonly contains some crystals, fragments of surrounding rocks and dissolved gases.

Plate Tectonics Press Release Essay Sample

He made hypothesis that the continents ones were Pangaea. There are two general types of volcanoes. The most common cause of earthquakes is faulting.

An earthquake is caused by a sudden slip in fault which in return causes the shaking of the ground. I want you to think about something for a minute, when someone jumps off of a boat into the water it causes waves to move outwards from the initial object.

Since the ridge crest is younger than the areas farther from it, this pattern of sediment distribution is exactly what was predicted by the plate tectonics theory. Details major plates and how the theory helps predicts earthquakes.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. When they had all the data they found out that the youngest oceanic crust is to be found at the ridge crest and the oldest oceanic crust flanks the continental margins.

Alfred Wenger was a German climatologist and geophysicist. Antarctica was most likely near the equator millions of years ago. When the heat gets to a certain temperature then the rock melts to form magma. They only travel through solids, not through liquids and gases. When Wegener was looking at the continents now he saw remarkable similarities in the coastlines.

There are four types of plate boundaries: The circular motion of the mantle carried the continents away from each other. Also if you are experiencing an earthquake stay calm, do not panic, and get your family to the safest room in the home.

Order your plate tectonics paper at affordable prices with livepaperhelp. When scientist drew this on a map they saw that the mountain range ran in a continuous belt.Plate Tectonics Press Release GLG August 16, Plate Tectonics Press Release Natural destroys are a part of the nature of the world.

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There are many different kinds of natural destroys hurricanes, tornados, tropical storms, and earthquakes. Essays from BookRags provide great ideas for Plate tectonics essays and paper topics like Essay.

View this student essay about Plate tectonics. For example, the Appalachian mountains of eastern North America. Words: - Pages: 3 Plate Tectonics Press Release Public Education on Earthquake Preparedness By Krystle Wilson March 28, Los Angeles, CA – Earthquakes occurs frequently in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas in California.

Essay on Plate Tectonics and There. Plate Tectonics Press Release Essay Plate Tectonics Press Release GLG / June, 22, Jacqueline Powell Plate Tectonics Press Release Earthquakes always seemed to catch us off guard.

No matter how much we plan for them, we never really seem to be prepared for the after affects it leaves on us or our community. Essay on Plate Tectonics Press Release; Essay on Plate Tectonics Press Release. Words Aug 4th, 3 Pages.

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Show More. Plate Tectonics Press Release GLG/ July 13, Plate Tectonics Chart Essay example. Plate Tectonics Chart Amanda Wright GLG February 24, Karen Hansen Plate Tectonics Chart 1) How does the. Explore popular essay topic ideas categorized by keyword. Sub-topics are listed in each category. Here we've compiled a list matching the top essays in our database against "tectonic plates essays".

The Himalayan and the Alpine mountain building process is now better explained with the help of the Theory of Plate Tectonics. This theory.

Plate tectonics press release essay example
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