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It is a scientific journal, published quarterly and can be found in medical libraries in many parts of the world. To avoid delays in publication, authors are advised to adhere closely to the instructions given below.

It should be limited to words and provided immediately after the title page. McGladdery -Dr. Do not repeat in detail data given in the Results section. Having a unique lesson in the diagnosis, pathology or management of the case is more valuable than mere finding of a rare entity.

Each section should begin on a fresh page.

However, unsolicited commentaries on issues relevant to medicine in Malaysia are welcomed. Manuscript describing original research should conform to the IMRAD format, more details are given below.

If the Jm mjm essay is affiliated to more than one 1 institution, a comma should be used to separate the number for the said Jm mjm essay.

We want to help doctors make better decisions and be good at judging the value of scientific data. In summary, the mission of the Medical Journal of Malaysia is summed up in its name. Pdf version The Medical Journal of Malaysia MJM welcomes articles of interest on all aspects of medicine in the form of original papers, review articles, short communications, continuing medical education, case reports, commentaries and letter to Editor.

Commentaries will usually be invited articles that comment on articles published in the same issue of the MJM. Give only strictly pertinent references, and do not review the subject extensively. The MJM aims to be a peer reviewed scientific journal of the highest quality.

They should not exceed 1, words. Manuscript text should be submitted using Microsoft Word for Windows. Papers on case reports one to five cases must follow these rules: Letters to Editors are responses to items published in MJM or to communicate a very important message that is time sensitive and cannot wait for the full process of peer review.

Images should be submitted as JPEG files minimum resolution of dpi. Original Articles are reports on findings from original unpublished research. We will consider all unsolicited articles submitted to the journal and will commission distinguished Malaysians to write relevant review articles.

Manuscripts should be submitted in English British English. Below the abstract provide and identify 3 to 10 key words or short phrases that will assist indexers in cross-indexing your article.

Summarise the rationale for the study or observation. Identify precisely all drugs and chemicals used, including generic name sdosage s and route s of administration.

Authors who have previously published should try as much as possible to keep the abbreviation of their name consistent. Authors must submit the names of at least two possible reviewers who are qualified and suitable to review their paper.

Unsolicited reviews will also be considered, however authors are encourage to submit systematic reviews rather than narrative reviews. It shall consists of a Summary and the Main Text.

When appropriate, particularly in the case of clinical trials, state clearly that the experimental design has received the approval of the relevant ethical committee. Sandosham -Prof. We want to help doctors write better, to be articulate and precise.

The number of figures and tables should be limited to three 3 and the number of references to ten Shorts communication are short research articles of important preliminary observations, findings that extends previously published research, data that does not warrant publication as a full paper, small-scale clinical studies, and clinical audits.

Please indicate the corresponding author and provide the affiliation, full postal address and email. Letters that are personal attacks on an author will not be considered for publication. We believe being Malaysian is our unique niche; our priority will be for scientific knowledge about diseases found in Malaysia and for the practice of medicine in Malaysia.

These are articles written by the editor or editorial team concerning the MJM or about issues relevant to the journal. Preference for publications will be given to high quality original research that make significant contribution to medicine.

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About Medical Journal of Malaysia. The MJM will archive knowledge about the changing pattern of human diseases and our endeavours to overcome them.

It will also document how medicine develops as a profession in the nation. We will communicate and co-operate with other scientific journals in Malaysia. Our Policy Towards the Use of Cookies This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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Notice to Contributors. Pdf version. The Medical Journal of Malaysia (MJM) welcomes articles of interest on all aspects of medicine in the form of original papers, review articles, short communications, continuing medical education, case reports, commentaries and letter to Editor.

The MJM also welcomes brief abstracts, of not more than 50 words.

Jm mjm essay
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