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Phase five concludes the process through project management which oversees building construction, equipment installation and commissioning and any project follow-up work.

In his desire to seek continual improvement, efficiency and quality, Facilities planning essay facilities manager may well wish to measure the performance of his facilities against those in other businesses. Therefore, while benchmarking may be difficult to achieve, it is an important consideration when looking at well established facilities management.

The choice of quality assurance scheme is an important consideration when planning facilities and business structure. So far I have looked at the multi-stage process and some of the important facilities planning considerations, throughout the rest of the assignment I will analyse three online journals with a view to highlighting some key aspects of the process and considerations above.

There are various options available and this has to be a careful and thorough consideration if value Facilities planning essay money VFM is to be maximised. Importantly, correct quality does not necessarily mean best possible quality as that could be wasteful of resources.

We will write a custom essay sample on Facilities Management Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The facilities manager must consider the bottom line cost as the over-riding important factor when beginning the process of designing or choosing the business premises.

Following the risk assessments, a health and safety policy needs to be provided which is freely Facilities planning essay and easily understood by the employees. However, a room with a slightly cool temperature leads to more effective learning McAndrew, ; Clothier, Their approach highlighted considerations that I had not seen in other areas of my research and I particularly liked the distinction between hard and soft factors.

Accordingly I would agree with their assessment that facilities management should be viewed as a profession. They go on to examine these characteristics in terms of hard facilities seat allocation, density, noise, temperature etc and soft management hygiene services, technical support etc.

This leads them to an overall conclusion that FM is a profession within its own right. A principle objective for any new business would be to manage the property and contents as efficiently as possible. It is important to maximise the usage of the building whilst minimising wasted space and inefficient departmental interfaces.

Of particular importance would be recovery and backup systems following any catastrophic event. Phase four is the project bid where the building comes under construction and is modified suitably for the purpose of that business. For such a fundamental aspect of supporting the business need, the hard and soft factors touched upon above may well be a very useful way of more easily breaking down facilities management considerations.

The process and considerations that I have looked at within this assignment can not be seen as the definitive set of facilities management factors and I realise that facilities management is a hugely complex business area.

Facilities planning is a multi-stage process in which all areas of the business are covered and this is the stage in which weaknesses can be identified in order to try and avoid mishaps and an unsuccessful property. The third factor of the process includes a final design review, approval, and freezing the design at the end of that stage.

Turning to operational services, the facilities manager will need to service the needs of the workforce in terms of security, catering, creche provision, cleaning and maintenance. Such factors as heating and lighting, duct work and ventilation, cable management, telephones and communications and security systems all fall under installation services.

For example, specific regulations cover such aspects as manual handling operations, display screen equipment use, personal protective equipment and working at height.

The facilities manager will define the service requirements and concentrate on those attributes which are most important for his particular business. The facilities manager will look at all of these services to determine how best to get full use of the facility.

In short, the facilities manager must understand the safe and proper functioning of the premises and equipment through controlling the program of internal safety audits. Several things struck me about their conclusions; firstly, government departments have sufficient resources to devote to effective Facilities management, secondly, government departments will automatically adhere to government policy and would be willing to share best practice commercial considerations may be a barrier for sharing practice against competitors in the same industry and thirdly, the public sector is focussed on service as a core component of its business operation.

The facilities manager will need to ensure that all employees understand the safety requirements for their activities within the workplace.

Whilst I fully accept that facilities management is a key enabler for any business organisation, it is there to support the operation of the business and not to substitute for an operational output. He will consider customer service, flexibility and speed of response, management implications, control and all costs as the important service provision attributes.

The facilities manager needs to understand his role in the organisations business continuity planning. Their research methodology centred on a questionnaire survey to investigate the level of facilities management satisfaction.

Firstly, it is important to choose the location of the property and determine whether it will have to be a newly constructed site, or if renovating an existing building would be the better option.

There is a myriad of considerations when undertaking facilities planning, however, I have chosen to concentrate on some of the more important generic factors. Specifically he will need to understand the four stage process of prevention, preparedness, reaction and recovery in terms of maintaining or assuring facilities to support the business need.

A barrier to this approach would be businesses reluctance to share information but facilities managers could provide a cross-fertilisation of ideas on procedures and policy interpretations that could be mutually beneficial to their parent organisations. Associated with risk assessments is the need for strategic planning.

The facilities manager will wish to constantly improve the use of the building and facilities through adopting appropriate quality assurance schemes, in order to supply services and products to the correct quality and to be able to ensure that all requirements are met.

Under health and safety regulations the facilities manager will need to record suitable and sufficient risk assessments with the intention of identifying the actions needed to comply with statutory requirements.

Whilst they argued convincingly about the barriers, their conclusion that effectiveness can be improved by the incorporation of facilities managers into strategy management over-emphasises the importance of facilities management. They conducted interviews with very senior executives which, while valid, could have produced slightly skewed results just a top down view.

The facilities manager will also need to consider installation and operational services.Facilities Planning and Design Facilities Planning and Design is comprised of design professionals who are responsible for planning, design and management of all capital improvement projects; campus master planning; and.

the strategic facility planning process is the strategic facility plan. IFMA, in its “Project Management Benchmarks Survey ,” defines the strategic facility plan: “A strategic facility plan (SFP) is defined as a two-to-five year facilities plan encompass.

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