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The plight of slaves would now be addressed more vocally. It was the Democratic Senator, Stephen Douglas that introduced the later changes in the bid to garner support across the political divide. The Essays on compromise Slave Act for example drew sharp criticism from most Northerners who saw a deliberate attempt in the Southerners to impede on the effort to contain slavery.

This usually takes place around a single issue, such as the price of an item. An analysis of the major cause of the American civil war a decade later indicates the Essays on compromise centered on the issue of slavery and the threat to the individual states rights by the federal authority driven by the northerners dominated legislature.

For the abolitionists, there emerged a renewed vigor to fight for the abolition of slavery. A great force credited with the striking of the compromise is Daniel Webster who was able to convince members with his powers in oratory skills. In the United States, compromising is sometimes seen as bad, as it is seen as losing something or giving in.

The Northwest Ordinance of outlawed slavery of the current territory of the United States, but after the purchase of the Louisiana Territory and the settlement to come, the question of slavery was once again forced into the political arena of our country.

They have valued their tribal identities very highly and have maintained a lifestyle consistent with that identity, even when that has required giving up material gains. These proposals were for the acceptance of California as a Free State, Utah and Mexico to remain no-committal on slavery and also the immediate resolution of the border centered conflict between the United States and Texas.

If a person believes that abortion is murder, he or she will never agree that abortion should remain legal in the United States. Northerners believed it was a moral duty of the union to arrest the further spread of slavery.

They are likely to be very reluctant to relinquish this control, even if the reward for doing so would be substantial. In the Hawaiian tradition, compromise focuses on restoring relationships damaged by conflict, which is generally considered more important than how much of a fixed pie each side will get.

Missouri Compromise

On the other hand, some traditional societies, such as the traditional Hawaiian culture, see compromise as a healthy way to end conflict.

Threats of secession were rife in the air should the principle fail to take prominence. Southerners saw the abolishment of slavery in this territory as an act of aggression.

Their interest lay in containment and not abolishment by then. Our country practiced slavery of the African. The argument that has been presented by a majority of scholars is that the compromise was merely a postponement of a brewing conflict as a couple of years later the existence of the union was threatened as the underlying tensions gave way to an armed combat.

The first is for the parties to go back and forth with offers and concessions until they meet somewhere in the middle.


In compromise situations, neither side gets all of what they really want, but they each make concessions in order to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both.

University of Hawaii, It had called for a legislation to impose fines on any individual found guilty of false accusations leveled against Black Americans. The Wilmot Proviso was able to pass in the House of Representatives due to the fact that the Northerners had the majority.

The basic idea is that each party gives up something that the other party values but that they themselves do not care about. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

The cradle of the conflict lay on the ability of the states to make their own laws and the maintenance of their sovereignty.

The agricultural economy of the south required the labor of slaves to complete their work. University Press of Kentucky, ; More essays like this: Moving in sooner means a lot to Juan and Antonia because they are currently staying in a motel suite that is too small and is costing a lot of money.

A total of five bills were passed to strike a compromise between the Slave States and the Free States.Some of them were Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of that succeed in stopping of slavery in some ways.

The Missouri Compromise was an agreement between the North and the South and passed by Congress in that allowed Missouri to be admitted as the 24th state in Is compromise always the best way to resolve a conflict?

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The Compromise ofconsisted of a deal between the Republicans and the Democrats to resolve the disagreement of the results of the presidential election of The Compromise of Essay Sample.

The compromise of refers to a number of compromise bills enacted by the United States Congress.

The Compromise of 1850 Essay Sample

Home Essays The Compromise of The Compromise of Topics: United States The Compromise of was an unwritten agreement between Republicans and Democrats in the U.S Congress to settle a dispute in the presidential election of between Democrat Samuel Tilden and Republican Rutherford B Hayes.

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