Essay on tuition classes are necessary

Parents do not have the time or are not equipped to give the students the necessary help at home. Through having private tuition, students are able to obtain extra helpful tips from their teachers and thus they are more likely to excel in their studies.

But I did it on my own, without a tutor. Yes, to avoid being left behind Homework? Fair enough, they are important clogs in the progress of society, but some teachers are so arrogant they think they have divine status.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tuition Classes

The fact that some children pick up fast, some slow and some do not at all. When asked if tuition is really necessary, different people have different opinions. The authorities can strike a balance by capping the tuition fees of private tuition groups. It is extremely common among Malaysians, especially primary and secondary students.

A rich parent engages tuition of high quality and vice versa for the other family group. Perhaps then these people can benefit from private tuition. To match the rich group, these parents spend more on quality tuitioins for their children. This system has become almost madness, a disease.

I hope all tuitions are abolished, not only at primary level but also at secondary level. Colleges complain about poor attendancesbut this is wholly due to the tuition culture.

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Private tuition and tutors are forms of making the rich and poor gap more easily visible. Print Edition Subscribe Topics: As such, teachers could be paid based on hourly rates based on the hours spent and showcase their expertise.

Many teachers agree to the fact that a teacher in a classroom is trying to address the needs of a variety of students who have different grasping abilities. This indicated that the student required an extra dose of teaching to cope with the syllabus. In a typical Malaysian public school, a class usually comprises about 45 students.

Students at these age can determine the kind of tuition they need and absorb better when they have keen interest rather than attending tuition just for the sake of attending.

Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Tuition

Parents Perspective In Singapore, both parents go to work to match the fast pace competition of the society. Both of these capabilities are mixed with the pool of students, in a group tuition. Some parents do not want to send their child far away for tuition classes, therefore, these bodies act as a support within their neighborhood.

Things can go really wrong when students get into wrong company. The TOP notch tuition accept students who are highly capable of achieving good results and above average students. This has been true always and is also a fact today and will always be so.

Through having tuition, students are able to acquire unrivalled mastery of a particular subject. I shall give some reasons.

I notice that my classmates who take private tuition are usually not interested in their studies. Yet, I can get through my examinations without any problem. Undeniably, it is better for students to spend their time studying and revising for examinations rather than wasting time socialising with the wrong crowd.

At this age, a child begins to mature. This is to further encourage and develop keen interests among these matured children. Some of them still fail.

Is tuition necessary? Yes, no, maybe

On the other hand, the tuition mania has also taken grip of the parents, as, even their psyche has changed. Most primary school students do not enjoy tuition because it takes takes up their leisure time in which they can have outdoor activities.

I stopped tuition after Primary 6 and continued to do poorly. I do not see them doing exceptionally well in tests and examinations. Some of my classmates take private tuition.Jun 23,  · Tuition classes are becoming a mainstay and a big part of our educational ecosystem.

With the kind of competition children these days face at every stage, parents are stressed like never before. Tuition: A Necessary Evil????? Mrs. Madhuri Shanbhag Advertisements. Simple guide to write an argumentative essay!!!

Simple guide to write an argumentative essay!!! Students have already spent half day in school, is that really necessary for students to go for private tuition to learn the things that have been taught in school? attending private tuition classes can also waste money.

They are actually. Tuition Classes Are Necessary Search. Search Results. Private Tuitions Are a Necessary Evil Iraq War Is Necessary And Justified This essay is in defense of the current Iraqi War.

President Bush’s vocal critics state that over 1, American troops’ have been sacrificed in the Iraq War. First of all, the word “sacrifice” means that a. Tuition classes have come to be a mainstay and are a big part of our educational ecosystem. With the kind of competition children these days face at every stage, parents are stressed like never before.

Age they start going Law Is a Necessary Evil Essay LAW IS A NECESSARY. Aug 11,  · As far as I am concerned, I find that private tuition is not necessary for me. I shall give some reasons. Argumentative Essay – Private Tuition: Is it necessary?

Posted on August 11, by Fatin Zalikha. 0. As far as I am concerned, I find that private tuition is not necessary for me. I shall give some reasons. There are tuition classes that focus on exam preparation for university entrance exams which is beneficial and is necessary.

There are however far more disadvantages to tuition classes if it is not used properly.

Essay on tuition classes are necessary
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