Essay on mother teresa in punjabi

She always believed in God worked hard in helping people. She was born in very strong family of Catholic faith and got strongness and strength in generation from her parents. She was a lady who had inspired lots of people to do impossible works in their lives.

Her family struggled a lot for the bad financial status after the death of her father in early age. Let them know about this great woman through easy Mother Teresa essay given below.

She would always be an inspiration to us. She had helped a lot to the poor people of Kolkata suffering from the leprosy. She was highly inspired about the charity from her parents who were always supported needy people in the society.

She is well known all over the world for her great works. She started thinking some ways to alleviate people suffering in the slum.

This world is full of good people having great humanitarians but everyone needs an inspiration to go ahead. Each of her life activity was revolve around God.

She was full of love, care, and sympathy for mankind.

She had joined a convent in the year and then came to India Darjeeling and then Kolkata. After that she never looked back and started serving to the poor people. She liked to drape her in very simple white sari having blue border.

She had spent lots of time of her life in the church but she never thought that she would be a nun a day. She is one the great personalities all over the world. She always praises God from the beginning of her life for everything she got and lost.

She was not had lots of money but she had attention, confidence, trust and energy which helped her to gladly support poor people.

She was the young child of her parents. In her later life she served for many years as a teacher in the education field in India. Even after being a European woman, she always wore a cheap white sari. She was born on 26th of August in at Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and got her birth name by her parents as Agnes Gonxha Bajaxhin.

She is a great legend and highly recognizable symbol of the sympathy and care of our time. She was born on 26th of August in in the Skopje, Macedonia.

She was well known of her social restrictions so she prayed to the God for getting some guidance and direction. She walked barefoot for long distance on the streets to look after poor people.

Again she returned to the Calcutta where she joined the St. She always had a kind smile on her face.

Mother Teresa Essay

She believed that prayer is very essential part of her life and spent hours in prayer. She was the woman of deep faith, confidence and trust over the God. Mother Teresa Essay 3 words Mother Teresa was a great and incredible woman.

Mother Teresa was decided to become a nun in her early age. She was youngest child of the Nikola and Dronda Bojaxhiu. She was name of Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu as her birth name but finally she got another name of Mother Teresa after her great works and life achievement. Her birth name was Agnes Gnocchi Bojaxhin.

She had completed her work in the Dublin and came to Kolkata, India where she spent her whole life in supporting the poor and needy people.Free Essays on Mother Teresa Essay In Punjabi Language. Get help with your writing. 1 through Oct 10,  · of Essay On Mother Teresa In Punjabi Language.

This is committed to provide the most applicable as well as related pdf within our data bank on your desirable subject. Mother Teresa Essay 3 ( words) Mother Teresa was a great and incredible woman.

She was the person who shown this world a real religion of humanity. Free Essays on Mother Teresa In Punjabi. Get help with your writing.

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Essay on mother teresa in punjabi
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