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My specialties are adult mystery and suspense novels, romance, chick lit, contemporary fiction, middle grade, and young adult. Anonymous editing or assessing. I currently provide the following services: Ratings are based on careful appraisals of multiple criteria, including pricing and value, quality of service, contract terms and rights, transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction.

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Some dubious publishers make you purchase an assessment as part of the submission process. Assurances that agents and publishers prefer manuscripts that have been professionally edited. She is passionate about writing, editing, and making sure that writers get the best services and products to help them on their writing journey.

Be sure the editor or assessor has experience appropriate to your work. Please visit my website for a complete description of these services and my rates. With 22 years of experience in the industry, our editors will handle your work with respect and a meticulous eye for detail. If you want to buy a critique, buy a critique.

Indie authors face high standards, because they must prove themselves twice: Proofreading is completed on a facsimile or proof of the finished product just before publication.

Dishonest or ignorant editors sometimes prey on the anxieties of aspiring writers by saying that agents and publishers give preference to manuscripts that have been professionally edited. Its website hosts a discussion of professional editing standards, and a downloadable standard freelance editorial agreement.

Services which behave ethically and professionally, with pricing and value in line with industry norms. Remember that even the most positive assessment may not mean that an agent or publisher will be willing to take you on.

Best and Worst Self-Publishing Services Reviewed & Rated by the Alliance of Independent Authors

The professionals at Better Scribe have more than a decade of experience built upon a passion for storytelling, literacy and education. Victoria wants to show writers that the extra time and investment in quality will pay off.

Editors should be willing to say exactly what they will do for you. All are warning signs. But no one will hold it against you if you accomplish that yourself. Many are well-meaning, sincerely believing that a love of reading, or a teaching career, or some technical writing experience, is enough to qualify them to edit manuscripts.

And an earlier survey quoted in the survey found that attaching an assessment to a submission had little effect on publication. An editing or assessment service should post staff names and biographies.

Typically, I would look for format issues and typographical errors at this stage. Our services at a glance: Make sure the business arrangements are clear.

Directory of Poets & Writers

You want your books to reflect your mastery of craft, your attention to detail and your professionalism. I offer content editing and line editing for one low price. Ask to see a sample critique or assessment. For many writers, that means finding a beta reader: I ask that manuscript pages be snail-mailed to me as I prefer to mark them up the old-fashioned way.

Editing is a subjective process.

Editorial Services Directory

Even if your editor is top-notch, agents and publishers may be put off—they may fear that the editing covers up weaknesses that could be a problem later on. We assist writers in becoming authors by providing the following services: Some questionable literary agencies require you to buy a critique as a condition of representation.

Its website includes a Code Of Fair Practice defining ethical standards for freelancers and their clients, as well as an excellent job board where requests for editors can be posted for free.

The skills required to edit or critique a romance novel, for instance, are quite different from those needed for a work of narrative nonfiction. Ultimately, the only opinions about marketability that count are those of the agent who signs you for representation, or the editor who buys your book.The Directory of Poets & Writers lists names, addresses, and publication credits for over 11, contemporary authors.

The Directory is a must for writers interested in connecting with their peers. It’s also a great resource for editors, agents, and. At Sparkle Book Tours and Author Services we make your book sparkle. We offer affordable book tours and author services to suite your budget.

Affordable eBook Editing Services for Independent Authors I would love to work with you to achieve just that. I offer the following services to indie authors at very reasonable rates. News, tips, and information about how to create a successful self-published book, and advice on writing, editing, and book cover design.

Editorial Services Directory Not all editorial services are equally effective. Most directories provide little insight into the actual people behind. Indie author Teymour Shahabi explains how to find an editor for the draft of your self-published book and what to look for in a good editing relationship.

Book editing, writing critiques, proofreading, indexing, and book proposal writing services. can ensure compliance with the Chicago Manual of Style and will edit your cover jacket free of charge as part of her book editing services.


More >> Beth Bruno. Judge: Indie Book Awards In addition to editing, Beth serves as a judge for the Indie.

Editing services for indie authors directory
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