Classification essay on types of love

Some cases are very hard to distinguish between the two like loving a television show or band. The influence of this mass media too often distorts the societal image of what exactly love is Cellulose.

In order to have a balanced love life, all four must be existent. They will do anything, just to be with their lovers. She has to obey him and may never deny what he asks her to do. Of course, there is a change that he might not notice her at all after what she is going to do. It also does not mean that I spend my nights thinking about cats and sighing in my pillow wishing I could be with cats all the time.

Eros is the most common kind of love, as it is the most common to be taken out of context. Helena is here prepared to give up or destroy her friendship with Hermia, just so Demetrius might notice her. When someone feels casually affectionate about a thing that means that it would brighten their day to receive a daisy, or a box of chocolates.

This is the opposite of domineering love.

Classification Essay on Love

In this category are Theseus and Egeus. This is because they are kind of blinded by their love. They are forced to love a person and do certain actions, while they actually would like to marry someone totally different. This type of love disguises itself as serious devotion because a person will love a person as if they were their friend.

So whether it is casual affection or serious devotion love is an amazing thing. It is the love for which God gave up his son to save all of humanity and the love with which Jesus died on the cross to liberate mankind from sin and death Newton.

Hermia is forced to marry Demetrius, but has fallen in love with Lysander. To confirm this, there is a quote of her saying she is prepared to do this.

This includes Demetrius and Hippolyta.Mar 24,  · Personally, I love cats, sushi, New York City, and my friends and family. As much as I love each of these things, there is no way that I could love cats in the way that I love my friends.

“Love” can be mainly categorized into three separate groups: serious devotion, and casual affection. Classification Essay Smoking Entertainment / Celebrities Environment Love / Relationships Movies / Music / TV Pop A Classification of students.

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Some information about the four different types of love, in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream".

Classification essay on types of love
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