Anything for a t shirt book report

However, the tag of success or elitism did not involve financial measures but rather symbolic ones, which included a sense of universality for the ideas promoted and for the environment they are promoted in. Syracuse University Press October 31, Language: The New York City Marathon is considered nowadays to be an essential part of the environment which characterizes the traditional picture of the Big Apple.

T Shirt Book Report Project & Rubric Set

The character was a Romanian born Jew who tried to make his way into the American society. Profits He paid equal importance to the commercial angle of arranging the event of gigantic proportions.

From this point-of-view, the marathon was relatively unattractive for the common people. Today it is an event known all over the world. He converted the marathon race which covered On the one hand, it worked out different arrangements with the authorities to ensure that roads are closed to traffic and that police cars insure the security of the racers; the funds for financially supporting these actions came from well off members of the New York Road Runners Club.

Thus, the New York City Marathon would stand for a sum of ideals that everyone is in fact a winner, through the simple participation no one can lose, because the gain is not necessarily described in numbers, but rather it is measured in terms of the sense of personal achievement.

They say, what you do is important; but how you do what you do, is more important. Still, he is presented as a winner indeed, both in his quest for marathon racing, and in his fight with worldly challenges.

However, it was hard to convince the authorities to extend the area which had to be shut down in order to ensure proper protection for the competitors. The NYCM founder Fred Lebow was a visionary who foresaw the great commercial potentialities of this event, where the numbers of participants are in many thousands.

At the same time, it deals with this issue in a parallel construction with the history of the New York Marathon and its coming of age. Indeed, its crescendo build up tends to increase in the final stages the human drama Lebow was experiencing and to which he found a cure in the exact creation his life had produced: He converted this otherwise expensive event, from the budget point of view, in to a popular culture, which brought competition and joy to the people.

When the offer was turned down, the counter proposal that he made was an example of perfect marketing strategy. Marketing strategies were at the infancy in the s and Lebow did not take any professional marketing course, to convert one of the greatest sports events into an astonishing marketing feat.

He worked without intermission on the race day—from the beginning to the finish; he was there at the starting line, made sure that the race went smoothly, and he was the first at the finish line to congratulate the runners.

NYC marathon was a small-time local event.

Book report on the book entitled `Anything for a T-Shirt` Essay

In any race, the ultimate winner is only one individual, but the large numbers of participants donning colorful attires have the satisfaction that they have participated in the marathon.

His ambition was to take the marathon out of Central Park, the acre park in Manhattan, to the city streets and make it the all-city event. Inhe became the club President. Chapter 3 This lofty idea represented the moral argument for driving forward the project which had set in mind the reorientation of the marathon towards a wider and more numerous public.Book reports have always been a fun and more in depth way to be sure that a student comprehends what they read.

As an educator, I value the concept and encouraged students to complete these projects in new and clever ways.

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Response Projects and Requirements 1. Design and make your own t-shirt. Illustrate a scene or character from the book on a t-shirt. Write a short summary of the scene and explain why it is important to the story.

T-Shirt Book Report

More Essay Examples on Book Rubric The New York City Marathon is hailed as one of the Greatest Race on Planet Earth - Book report on the book entitled `Anything for a T-Shirt` introduction.

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Ron Rubin's "Anything for a T-Shirt: Fred Lebow and the New York City Marathon, the World's Greatest Footrace" is the impressive story of a man who managed to surpass his human limits in order to achieve his goals, and, in doing so, determined and crucially influenced the evolution of the greatest marathon in the world, the New York City .

Anything for a t shirt book report
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