An analysis of the points in the movie star trek

Even if you did not intend the consequences, you did write the story that way, and the scientist is merely pointing out the ramifications of what you wrote. Pine said that he had to gain weight for the role of Captain Kirk. One might argue that there are limitations to their technology which we are not aware of we have only a very superficial understanding of its capabilities, after all and which forced their hands.

Not only that, but if we completely disregard the script which would assume that the scripts are treated as totally non-canon and assume he just meant " This is why most people who participate in the "Star Wars vs Star Trek" game tend to employ the "suspension of disbelief" method.

Notice how the literary method differs from the scientific analysis in this case only by virtue of its noncommital attitude. Instead, we would do something like the following: Rivers asked about the title: In Star Trek, there is an enormous coincidence: Realistically, we know that the author intends space combat to normally take place at far greater ranges.

Neither is out to assign higher meaning to anything, so their methods are simply not geared to doing so. Historians try to figure out what happened and scientists try to figure out how things work. Was this post way too long? On the other hand, the Technical Manual describes nuclear disruption forces and nadions and funky chain reactions and subspace, so maybe the word "vapourize" is used onscreen as a Federation short-form to signify something else.

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Some shots were made in Iceland.

Analysis: Star Trek

Abrams, and Chris Pine In JanuaryAbrams said he had not decided whether or not he would direct, since he had not yet seen a script. The Executor was designed by the modelmakers to be 11 times as long as a regular mile-long Star Destroyer. Should I console myself with the thought that these new movies might lead people to real Star Trek?

How to Analyze Sci-Fi

Did Han Solo shoot first? This calls into question the integrity of our imaginary cameraman, but given that we know that most of his work seems to be genuine, we have little choice but to accept it and move on despite this unfortunate revelation.

Needless to say, he cannot present actual evidence of lasers passing through the ship Quantum mechanics is an excellent example of this methodology in action: However, this method does not gracefully handle inconsistencies in narrative or dialogue. Besides, in the actual televised version, Data was cut off before he could say "second".

Or does it mean a combination of both? Given a shot which makes the Defiant appear to be half its normal size for example and which cannot be rationalized away, we must decide whether it is an "error" on the part of our imaginary documentary cameraman.

In the case of books, we would treat them as history books. At this point Khan has never met Kirk, and we are never given any indication as to why he trusted Kirk enough to risk the deaths of his fellow supersoldiers. Should I just get with the times?

A cloaked Bird of Prey once prepared to hit the Enterprise at 40, km, and Gul Dukat once ran a weapons test on an asteroid ,km away. And why is that any less ridiculous, when you think about it? I feel like the two new Star Trek films are trying so hard to be their own thing but then seem afraid to truly let loose and do something different.

However, it is unclear as to whether they received direction from George Lucas himself on this.Analysis: Star Trek. A week late, but I did get to see Star Trek this weekend — and like so many of the reviews have said, it is a terrific movie. Star Trek Into Darkness is a American science fiction adventure film directed by J.

J. Abrams and written by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof. One of the points of the movie is that we must be careful about.

The Star Trek Series Critical Essays

Jul 22,  · But in the end it's mostly a good big-budget sci-fi action movie that's been marinated in "Star Trek" flavor packets—and thus not terribly different from the "Star Trek" reboot or its sequel, "Star Trek Into Darkness." "Star Trek Beyond an alternate-universe incarnation of the character who dispensed advice and plot points to new /5.

apt_analysis 51 points 52 points 53 points 27 days ago. Nelix crippled the ship by making cheese near a vent. Dude was lethal in the kitchen.

Random people who want a sci-fi movie or just generally like Star Trek may enter the movie not knowing there’s an episode you need to see. They will be confused as hell. permalink; embed; save.

Analysis: Star Trek Into Darkness

But the new Star Trek movie shows that the United Federation of Planets has a lot to learn about warfare. A military analysis of young. Star Trek is more than a television, film, and book phenomenon.

It has entered into the American national consciousness and culture. Analysis of .

An analysis of the points in the movie star trek
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