An analysis of the film two can play that game

He is a highly successful black lawyer who has accomplished a lot, and is very athletic. This movie is about a girl who seems to have her life and man completely under control.

It takes place in spring, early summer. Throughout the journey, she speaks directly to the camera. She also advises these rules and plan to her friends. What game is that? Shante developed and follows rules and a ten day plan to keep men behaved and to put them back in line when need be.

It also adds a few more patience-testing elements to the mix: Writer-director Mark Brown who, not surprisingly, penned the similarly callow "How To Be a Player" jumps back and forth between the two warring camps: Shante has a bunch of friends, and a handsome, charming boyfriend named Keith Fenton Morris Chestnuta successful lawyer himself.

There are three basic interpersonal needs that are satisfied through interaction with others. The film, written and directed by Mark Brownmakes a common Hollywood mistake of confusing sexuality with true passion.

Seldom do filmmakers gamble their success on such an unusual style, but the conceit gives the movie a sense of independence, attitude, and a unique, experimental flavor.

A complementary relationship is one in which each person supplies something the other lacks, and a symmetrical relationship is one in which the participants mirror each other or are highly similar. Shante Smith is a beautiful senior advertising executive for Parker and Long.

Two Can Play That Game - Movie Analysis

The first five stages cover relational development, the process by which relationships grow, as initiating, experimenting intensifying integrating and bonding. Her solution for shaping him up rather than confronting him and having an adult conversation or just leaving to find someone better is to launch into a day plan that includes breaking up, not returning his calls, making sure he sees her with other men, going to his house, getting him hot, then leaving, and a whole litany of other vindictive head games.

Karen used this plan on her boyfriend, Michael, who suddenly developed commitment issues and was successful, by day ten she had an engagement ring. One night, Shante finds her love dancing with another woman at a nightclub -- and so begins the vicious battles of the sexes.

Dialectics is defined as tension that exist between two conflicting or interacting forces elements or ideas, and contradictions in dialectic theory means each person in a relationship has two opposing desires for maintaining the relationship.

Still, while the production contains all the correct ingredients, it uses them in the wrong recipe.

Two Can Play That Game Movie Review Summary

These needs are inclusion or becoming involved with others, affection or holding fond or tender feelings toward another person, and control or the ability to influence others our environment and ourselves.

She is a strong black woman from Compton who struggled her way to the top and seems to have her life, and man under control.

Her significant other is Keith Fenton. While these themes are not exclusive to African American cinema, there does seem to be a repetitive pattern emerging and "Two Can Play That Game" is simply more of the same.

Alas, the film does not really earn its ending. Chestnut and his one-tracked-mind clown of a pal Anthony Anderson hunker down on defense, planning rendezvous with skanky tramps the gorgeous Gabriel Union, for one and other idiotic demonstrations of vengeful independence, when what Chestnut should be doing is running away as a fast as he can.

Allowing the main characters to expand their knowledge and learn new skills to maintain happiness in their interpersonal relationships. It exists solely to please the audience, but it also works as a social commentary.

As is obviously intended, Two Can Play That Game is sure to hit big with the African American audience, but it should also be treasured as a great date movie for the moviegoing public at large. Her relationship is the envy of her friends, until one night the girls stumble upon man with another woman.

Fox and her gaggle of "giiiirrrll!

Their respective filmmakers also seem to think cheap, last-reel regrets are all it takes to shore up a flimsy relationship between superficial people. She is then forced to launch her 10 day plan to get her man back in line, save face with her friends and climb back on top of her strained relationship.Sep 07,  · The Nun.

Once it stops and you step off, you may still feel a little dizzy, but you’ll have forgotten exactly why. Bisbee ' An ambitious, often frustrating, sometimes powerful account of a labor strike from that uses fiction-film techniques to tell a true story/5.

Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Two Can Play That Game In this romantic comedy, Shanté Smith, a successful buisinesswoman is the romance specialist in her group of friends. She gives them advice and helps them out with their relationships. Two Can Play That Game The film follows a self-important woman Shante Smith who often advises others to keep men in check takes part in a game to challenge her boyfriend, an attorney called Keith Fenton.

Smith thinks she knows all about men and their tricks, but she soon discovers that her boyfriend has a preparation for some tricks. A movie that preaches dishonesty, trickery and manipulation as the keys to romantic happiness, "Two Can Play That Game" is populated by pathetically shallow "players" of both sexes and very.

Two Can Play That Game is a romantic comedy film written and directed by Mark Brown. The film stars Vivica A. Fox and Morris Chestnut Plot. This article needs an improved plot summary A direct-to-DVD film, titled Three Can Play That Game, was released in February Starring: Vivica A.

Fox, Morris Chestnut. After watching the film with my wife (who also enjoyed it, by the way) I immediately logged onto amazon to see if the soundtrack was available for sale. "Two Can Play That Game" (the freakin' title of the film!!!) by KJ featuring Silver out of 5 stars The song towards the end is NOT originally from Two Can Play Thst Game!!

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An analysis of the film two can play that game
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