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Macy and DeNiro discussing the honesty of the war on Albania. Do you believe that the government is so desperate to stay in power that it would stage a war to do it? How do politicians use emotions to manipulate voters? Jumping onto the other side of this film, there is Dustin Hoffman.

This is also a good opportunity to teach kids to think critically about the messages the government is sending -- how do you judge for yourself whether a government policy is good or not?

His range can be seen throughout this film. In this creepily resonant film, the president calls in Conrad Bream Robert De Niro to divert the attention of the electorate away from an emerging sexual molestation charge against him -- 11 days before the election.

Twenty-four hours later, we invade Granada. Add your rating See all 1 kid review. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about The two were films that were absurd, but it was also the ideals that they were satirizing that makes both viewable today; just as powerful as they were when they were released.

Thankfully he did, due to his compelling portrayal; we are taken from political conspiracy cinema to this raw human drama.

As audience members, we wanted to see him tell his story knowing that he never would. Change the story, change the lead.

Wag the Dog

The Chemistry of the Characters Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman could play chess for three hours, and it would capture my attention from beginning to end. And then adds, "War is show business. That was their story, that was their MO. These are our players, and they take us from scene to scene with the greatest of ease.

Could you survive the greatest hoax ever and promise not to tell a soul? What are the correlations between the film and recent military attacks?

While DeNiro pulls his obvious strengths with this film, Hoffman makes "Wag the Dog" more than just a political film.

It is the fast-paced level of intellectual banter that transforms "Wag the Dog" into the powerhouse that it is. Watching with a group of friends, I was surprised as to how many had not seen this feature, remembering that it had been birthed nearly 11 years ago, it still seemed surprising.

This entire film was fast-paced, amazingly acted, and media driven. There are no heroes, there are no villains, and we know so little about the characters that it is simply the story, or the words, that pull us into this film. In my eyes, it is more powerful than "Goodfellas" or "Casino" because of his subtle nature.

Does anything else need to be said? He commands each scene that he is in, focusing our attention on each of his words and lingering on his next move.

Andy film-critic 9 November Can a movie created in the late 90s still speak to a voting audience in the late s? To me, this shows the power of his talent. It was enjoyable to hear the current terms like "plumber" and "commercial president" in this film, boasting the truth that this film was made before its time.

In the bookGeorge Orwell created a world in which a corrupt government controls its people with campaigns of fear and ever-rotating wars against shadowy enemies. DeNiro is a powerhouse of an actor, not just because he can play the tough gangster type, but also because he can take a character like Brean and give us simple, verbose, and intelligent.

It works because you finish watching the characters actions and it is the words you find yourself quoting for weeks after.WAG THE DOG shows how that kind of corruption could be played out in the TV age. This film will be forever steeped in the world of Clinton and Monica Lewinski and the attack on Somalia for those who saw it in the theater in the late '90s.

Barry Levinson’s political and media satire Wag the Dog goes as fast as the wind, and that’s a relief because the idea behind the movie is thin.

Very thin -- and at times offensively glib. Read full review. Just a few weeks after MAD CITY was released, a movie starring Dustin Hoffman about media manipulation, Barry Levinson and David Mamet will release WAG THE DOG, a movie starring Dustin Hoffman about media manipulation.

Wag the Dog is an average dark comedy that relies on a great cast and an effective script. Enjoyable, but could have been better, this film is a 85%(72). Jan 09,  · Like `Being There', `Wag the Dog' is not, of course, a work of social realism. In real life, a simpleton like Chance could not become President without being found out, and no administration could actually get away with inventing a bogus war/10(K).

The subject is treated in a very entertaining and comical way and that is what makes "Wag the Dog" a very fun movie to watch.

But yet it also knows how to bring over the important political message of the movie.

A review on the movie wag the dog
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